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003 released more info
Video of 003
A Dpup Puppy built from Debian Squeeze,
Built for stability and generic usage
A community built Puppy

Issues Squeeze
Goals for 004
  1. Replace glipper with Parcellite, glipper doesn't detect the panel color and it's ancient. A symlink can solve all incompatibility issues between the two ... I hope.
  2. Replace NicoEdit with Leafpad, so users have a "notepad" (Leafpad) and a "wordpad" (Geany).
  3. Replace Pnethood with Gigolo. Pulls in libice and libsm, bad choice.
  4. Solve the calculator hell problem by replacing all calculators with galculator.
  5. Replace Notecase with xpad, way friendlier and easier to use.
  6. Replace Viewnior with gpicview or a new Viewnior.
  7. Update xarchiver (we have 0.2.8 while latest is 0.5). I think we could switch to a Debian package from the ancient PET used in all Woof builds.
Cool Get rid of ayttm and use menu entries for meebo and Freenode web IRC, with the chat icon starting the default browser on the web IRC client with autoconnect. Also, xchat could be used for IRC, dejan555 made a good PET for Lupu and we could borrow it.
  1. Replace mplayer and gnome-mplayer with xine and gxine, lighter and smaller. Read #16.
  2. Replace Pmusic with DeaDBeef or LXmusic ... or any other small music player.
  3. Replace rxvt with mrxvt ('lil bit uglier, used in dpup) or lxterminal (GTK terminal, pulls in libvte).
  4. Replace Pprocess with LXTask. Pprocess hangs and it's heavy because it's a script. When you use Pprocess it's because your system is under heavy load and Pprocess doesn't help much.
  5. Replace the small Midori and Sylpheed with Seamonkey, just the browser and the mail client, Geany is good enough as an editor so the HTML editor is not needed.
  6. My most interesting idea: getting rid of duplicate applications, like Pcdripper or pCD. One good application is enough ... I mean, take a look at Asunder and Pcdripper. Asunder is both compiled (while Pcdripper is a script) and stable (it works well) .... Pcdripper is the exact opposite.
  7. Replacing heavy scripted applications with compiled applications where possible and sensible, notably Pmusic, which is very slow. Some applications don't have optimal replacements that are functional, friendly and small, we'll have to live with that.
  8. Make a "multimedia booster pack": a big SFS with VLC and the light Qt3 Amarok 1.x. Pdebthing can handle this but I'll need to modify it to use Debian repos, which work differently than Ubuntu repos. Not a big problem.
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