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====Puppy Squeeze====

[[ Project developer Igulender]]
[[ latest release]] more info
[[ Video of 003]]

//Puppy woof Dpup using Debian Squeeze//

{{image url="" title="Screenshot" alt="Squeeze Screenshot"}}

High [[ Lucid compatibility]]
[[ DeadBeeF]] Audio player
Transmission instead of pctorrent and ctorrent
Smaller Seamonkey
New artwork

**plans for 008 are:**
- New screenshot thing from dpup 484 (dejan555)
- A fix for the JWM theme (Karl Godt)
- Ppower, a power management tray icon that automatically starts on laptops (Iguleder)
- A first boot tray icons fix
- The gtkmoz forking fix
- A new GTK theme chooser, a hacked LXAppearance (Iguleder)
- The leaf from 00

{{image url="" title="Squeeze" alt="Squeeze"}}

Superseded by [[InsidiousPuppy]]

==Also on the Wiki==
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