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~Use **Startmount** to auto-mount harddrive and other media's partitions on boot up.
~It will scan which drives available for mounting and to let you choose which one(s) or all, to automount at next boot.
~It can also auto-run a chosen program(s)
~On reboot it will mount drive partitions and launch the programs chosen.
~The program can be accessed via PupControl-
~//""PupControl > Drives > Startmount""//
~Or via the terminal command ##""/usr/local/Startmount/Startmount""##
~Or from //PuppyMenu > Filesystem > Startmount//

~{{image link="" url="" width="200" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot"}}
~You may want to disable the startup splash, select //File > Preferences// from the main window.
~{{image link="" url="" width="200" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot"}}

~Puppy is built into Puppy 5.2x Lucid and some other Puppies. Select from menu or [[PupControl]].
~If its not built-in, like on Puppy 5.3 Slacko, you can download and install the PET from the [[ Startmount 0.5.5 thread]].

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[fstab]] - file containing static file-system information.

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