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Notice to all Legacy OS Users
A number of Links below are obsolete and/or out of date.
Please only use the above links for current information.

Not heard of TEENpup before? What's it history?
TEENpup 2010 Mini Beta is the Sixth release of TEENpup with version 1.0.0 originally being released March 2007

Latest news TEENpup 2010 Mini Beta has been Released!!

This release of TEENpup will find a number of new friends with Some Netbooks but designed mainly for EeePC's.

If I put TEENpup 2010 Mini Beta on my EeePC what can I do with it?
1. Play MP3's one at a time with AlsaPlayer or Manage a collection with Amarok.
2. Watch AVI's with Smplayer which you might have downloaded with Ktorrent.
3. Watch Youtube Video's with Opera 10 due to the Flash Plugin being included.
4. Read an ebook downloaded in PDF format with ePDF or Kpdf.
5. Talk to friends with Skype 2.
6. Write a letter with Abiword or Kword.
7. Do a Speadsheet with Gnumeric or Kspread.
8. Keep your Appointments, Addresses in order with Kontact.
9. Connect to a Wifi Network at Home or Away.
10. Keep track of your Finances with HomeBank
11. Manage your Photo collection with Digikam.
12. Do some Desktop Publishing with Scribus.
13. Manage a Project with Kplato
14. Play games like Mahjongg or Solitaire or fly a Aeroplane with Sabre Flight Simulator.
15. Play old DOS games like Wolfenstein 3D with Dosbox.
16. Surf the Internet in fullscreen mode with Opera
17. Receive and Send Email's with Opera's included Email Client or Kmail.

Other things you can do by connecting an external DVD Drive are;

18. Burn CD / DVD's with K3B Burner.
19. Convert CD's to MP3's with KAudioCreator.
20. Watch some Encrypted DVD's.
21. Install TEENpup 2010 Mini Beta from CD

Lastly don't have an External DVD Drive but would like to try TEENpup. Just boot TEENpup on a PC / Laptop with a CD drive and install TEENpup tp a USB Stick using the Installer from the Menu and then Boot TEENpup from the USB Stick on your EeePC.

OK so that's some of the stuff you can do with TEENpup. Personally as the EeePC was designed for travel, it suits me. Have a think about what you use your EeePC for and how TEENpup might fit your requirements?

Want to see a Youtube Video Review or 2 on what you can expect?
Download the iso

Please download from Softpedia first before downloading from the following links, Thank You.

login: puppy
password: linux

see Screenshots of Desktop

-What's included? K3B, Amarok, Smplayer, Digikam, Kooka, Kontact, Kword, Kspread, Kpresent, Konqueror, Ktorrent, Krusader, Kolourpaint, Kpdf, Opera 10 with flash 10, Abiword, Gnumeric, Scribus, Inkscape, Xournal, Skype, Mplayer, Sabresdl, Powermanga and More!

Once again it will come with a good number of KDE 3 series Applications but will still use the IceWm for its Desktop.

TEENpup 2009 Legacy still available
This is a long term release to revive old PC's

For suggestions and feedback, go to http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=43338

Hello Everyone,
Release Notes for TEENpup 2009 Legacy: Today sees the fifth release of TEENpup and once again it’s still based on Puppy 2.14 Why? Well mainly a lot of old Hardware just seems to work with Puppy 2.14. This time the iso has grown to just under 700MB’s so that it will fit on a CD. As the focus for TEENpup has shifted to a Modern Operating System for older PC’s which most likely only came with a CD Drive, it was felt that a 700MB size limit should be adhere to.

Also to attract users from Windows TEENpup default color scheme has been modeled on some of Vista’s coloring. Also the way the menu Applications are worded might seem too simplistic for the average Linux User. It was felt that to win over new users; TEENpup’s Applications had to be as easy to access as was possible. To someone new to Linux and coming across for example Applications called GIMP, ROX , GAMBAS, KAFFEINE to name a few, might be put off even opening them and it was felt that what an Application did was more important than its name.

So this now leads me to some of the Applications included in this release. It was felt that Open Office should be included with its Help Manual as well as being the latest version at time of release ( 3.1 ) as a large number of users, use a PC for Writing, Spreadsheets and Presentations and anything less wouldn’t do. KDE’s similar Office Applications have been removed. A number of new KDE Applications have been added. Also Pdrive’s USB auto mount daemon has been turned on by default, detecting most USB devices that are plugged in. A lot of time has been spent fine tuning little details that make it easier for the average user to use TEENpup. Example: Seamonkey will recognize most common attachments in emails and open them when you click on them. No more searching through “bin” folders for the executables, which wouldn’t be a hard thing to do for a seasoned Linux user where as a Linux Newbie would fine it almost impossible.

Also there's something I created called "Magic Scripts" which is a drag & drop arrangement. all you do is drag & drop say an audio file or video file and it will allow you to convert it to another format, simple!

Also included is Chinese, Japanese and Korean font support for Seamonkey and Firepup.

Those familiar with some of the Applications included in this release will find them to be an older version than is currently available, why? Well the main reasons are because their smaller, have less dependency and due to these reasons run faster on old Hardware and finally I can fit more of them in to the iso. Some users will feel I left out an Application which they felt should have been in TEENpup, well a lot of testing of different Applications was done over the last 15 months and for one reason or another it was decided to leave that Application out.

To those trying this release of TEENpup, I hope you find it modern, useful, reliable and most of all user friendly. Enjoy!

- http://puppylinuxstuff.meownplanet.net/LegacyOS/

- login: puppy
- password: linux

- Screenshot Link

Latest news TEENpup 2008 available
- Download from http://puppylinux.ca/teenpup
- Download from Softpedia
- Also Available from http://puppyisos.org/isos/2008-01-to-06/ Note: Only use this mirror if you are having trouble downloading from Softpedia or Puppylinux.ca
- TEENpup Now on Distrowatch's active list http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=teenpup
- Need Support? Have Questions? Why not join the Puppy Linux forum on which TEENpup is based. Here you will surely make many new friends.

Update: TEENpup 2008 was released on the 3rd of March 2008 and became available for download from Softpedia on the 5th of March 2008. Since being added to Softpedia as of 15th of April 2008, TEENpup 2008 has been downloaded 5000 times.

Have you tried TEENpup 2008 yet! TEENpup 2008 is a free download.

Bring back to Life that old Pentium III PC you have stored away!

TEENpup 2008 may even run on older PC's then listed: Example a relative couldn't view her daughter on Facebook as her old 350MHZ PC with Windows 98 wouldn't install JAVA as the JAVA website listed the version of Windows 98 as not being supported. I created a special Live CD of TEENpup 2008 with JAVA pre-installed and now she can view Facebook. Now she is burning music CD's with K3B while still running Live from the CD. She has commented that TEENpup 2008 starts up faster than her installed copy of Windows 98.

See what the reviews think

Did you know TEENpup / Linux can also look after your Windows Operating System and keep it running better for Longer! How? Because TEENpup can run as a Live CD and comes with most required codecs / plugins for surfing the Web pre-installed. You can open your favourite websites like Youtube, Facebook etc running TEENpup from your CD/DVD Drive while Windows happily sleeps inside your PC never knowing it's even "ON". This should prevent those nasties on the Web from infecting your Windows System. Also one other advantage is that TEENpup will most likely be ready to use in less time then it takes to boot up Windows.

What is TEENpup Linux?,Why would I want to use it over Windows or another Linux Distro?

TEENpup is for the PC User who doesn't want or care about setting up Flash, Java, Realmedia. Just Like Windows they expect it all to just work. They don't want to go to say Youtube and a "missing plugin" message comes up, they just expect it all to work.
"While TEENpup was originally created to appeal to Teenager Puppy Users looking for more appealing Desktop and a larger range of Applications to choose from, the goal now with each release is to create an inviting, easy to use Operation System for the average Home PC User." John Van Gaans, creator of TEENpup Linux

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Screenshots: 1. Desktop; 2. Some apps new to TEENpup 2.14; 3. Multimedia Apps

WHY YOU SHOULD TRY TEENpup 2008? For starters it's Free!! :

-The Biggest Improvement is ease of use over TEENpup 2.14 Just click on a media file and 95% of the time VLC Player will open and play that file. Click on a PDF File and Kpdf viewer will open. The same goes with JPEG's etc. It's all about making an Operation System that can be used by non technical User's ever day.
-95% of Windows Media supported EG: Flash, Java, AVI, MP4, MP3, MPEG, WMA, QUICKTIME, REALMEDIA plus more.
-Watch Encrypted DVD's ( On some PC's, you may need to have TEENpup installed to your Hard Drive.)http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=27592
-Edit many different media formats
-Dialup support for some winmodems
-Boot TEENpup off a USB Drive (Take your Operating System with you in your Pocket!)
-Run TEENpup Live from CD or Install it to your Hard Drive in under 15 Minutes
-Runs well on old pentium III 800Mhz 128MB of RAM PC's, even better on current PC's
-Burn your favourite media to CD/DVD, Download your favorite music with Frostwire.
-Transfer and View your favourite Photo's from your Digital Camera. Run a Slideshow.
-Edit those Digital Family Movies with "Lives"
-Surf the Net without a worrying about virus's, spyware, malware.
-Write Letters, Spreadsheets, Publish documents.
-Draw and Paint with the large number of Applications that come standard on the CD
-Very Good Printer Support
-Open and view PDF's, DjVu, Word, Excel and Powerpoint Documents plus a whole lot more.
-Run 2 TEENpup 2008 PC's off one Broadband Modem designed to only work with one PC.
TEENpup 2008 was created for the PC User who has 1 or 2 Computers at home who wants to do the same basic things most Windows User's do. While it includes Applications to allow it to be connected to a office network, TEENpup is aimed more at the home user and not the small business User and has not been tested extensively in a business environment. The main advantage over Windows and some of the Bigger Linux Distro's out there is speed. Once you get use to TEENpup, you won't be able to stand the waiting for Applications to open anymore like you did in the past.
- List of 99% of Applications included in TEENpup 2008
- Xfontsel, tkFont, InkGUI, ESCP-GUI, KDiskFree, PupScan, Gpccard, Pprocess, 3DCC, Xproc, Usbview, Kfloppy, Grub Bootloader, GParted, Pdisk, Gcrontab, TkDiff, Regexpview, Gtail, GPeriodic, Ark, XArchive, Dosbox, Konqueror, ROX, MUT,
Pdrive, Pmount, PBrename, Gdmap, Fragger, Partview, Gtkcat, Recoll, Turma, reXgrep, Gtkfind, Kfind, Pfind, CYCAS3, Qcad, XaraLX, Digikam, Gtkam, Dia, JFdraw, Drawswf, GPicView, Karbon, The Gimp, Kooka, Quiteinsane, Xsane, Photoprint, ShowFoto, Showimg, Kuickshow, mtPaint, InkLite, kcolorchooser, kcoloredit, colorexplorer, Kmagnifier, Kolourpaint, Ksnapshot, Grabc, SeaMonkey, Kchart, glabels, knotes, Scribus, Kpresenter, Gnumeric, Kspread, Kate, Kjots, KWord, Abiword, Geany, KWrite, Leafpad, puppyPDF, DjView, JoinPDF, PBdict, XNview, Kghostview, KTnef, Kpdf, KMyMoney, Kcalc, tkConvert, Kaddressbook, Kontact, Agenda, Korganizer, Osmo, DidiWiki, VYM, Gtimer, Gkdial, WvDial, Xeznet, KWiFiManager, KNetAttach, Krfb, PureFTPd, Firelog, LinuxDCPP, Cheops, Superscan, Xnetload, tkpppoe, Krdc, LinNeighborhood, Sockspy, TightVnc, RutilT, Azureus, Transmission, Jabbin, Gaim, Kopete, Xwhois, Axel, Prozilla, KMail, Gftp, Frostwire, Gizmo, Skype, Akregator, Ssh-gui, Dillo, PupCtorrent, Xwget, JavaTunes, MadMan, Soxgui, XMMS, KsCD, PBcdripper, Gxine, MPlayer, KAudioCreator, Pupdvdtool, Streamtuner, gtkpod, ifpgui, Grip, gqmpeg, Gnomad 2, Kaffeine, Lives, VLC, XmmsMusicBox, LMMS, RealPlayer 10, Pdvdrsab, Audacity, Kmix, Zmixer, Sweep, ZynAddSubFX, xawtv, Muppywebcam, Pburn, TkDVD, K3B, Bubbles, Gemgame, Heroes, KPercentage, Kbattleship, Kmahjongg, Kobodl, Kolf, Kpat, Kpoker, Kshisen, LBreakout 2, gtkpool, Starfighter, Rubix, Tkmines, Xsoldier, Zaxxon.

Looking for more Applications to use in TEENpup 2008?
Download them from here http://dotpups.de/dotpups/ (Note: While a large number of these Applications listed will run fine in TEENpup 2008, they were originally created to be used with Puppy Linux. As TEENpup 2008 has a larger base of standard system files over Puppy Linux on which TEENpup is based, installing some applications may replace some system files unique to TEENpup 2008 which could lead to problems later on. I recommend you try any of these Applications while running TEENpup 2008 Live First! to see if they work correctly before installing them if you have installed TEENpup 2008 to your Hard Drive).

UPDATE: TEENpup 2.14 Released October 2007

Download TEENpup

Select teenpup2.14.iso, 404MB. Use the Md5 checksum to make sure your download is correct.
Please be aware that demand on the servers might require you to try again later.

What's new in TEENpup 2.14

I feel a Windows user would feel more at home with this version of TEENpup than the last 2 versions. If you take for example KDE's K3B CD/DVD Burner, it now comes with a whole lot more plugins than TEENpup 2.0.0 and would equal or excede even Ubuntu, Debian, Suse and a whole lot Distros out there at the moment. It's all about usability.

Apps in TEENpup 2.14

Even though TEENpup is only 404Mb big, it comes with a lot more apps than most 700Mb Distros do.
Minimum System Requirements


What has TEENpup got to offer over the other 500+ Linux Distro's currently available at Distrowatch?

Now back to TEENpup: if you're like me and have found Puppy to be too old looking and wishing that Puppy came with a good selection of the best apps from KDE or Gnome, looked as good as the other bigger Distros, but retained that ease of use for those new to Linux that Puppy gives, then TEENpup might just be for you.

How does a Live / install Distro that comes with Flash, Java, Realmedia and a whole lot more codecs sound? What about being able to play those encrypted DVD's other distros complain about and won't let you play your favourite movies, due to missing codecs? No problem here.

What about quick boot times? I run TEENpup 2.14 installed to Hard Drive on a 5 year old run of the mill PC and it takes about 33 seconds to boot up and about 7 seconds to shutdown. One thing I can't stand anymore is slow boot / shutdown times.

O.K., hopefully I've convinced you to try TEENpup 2.14 for yourself.

Older TEENpup Info

UPDATE: TEENpup 2.0.0 Released June 2007 See Link for Screenshots http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=18537 (See below on what I want TEENpup to become as a minimum Operating System)

Download TEENpup 1.0.0 link (226Mb).
HTTP Mirror for Teenpup 1.0.0.
FTP Mirror for Teenpup 1.0.0
Link to folder containing TEENpup 2.0.0 link (272Mb)

Why was TEENpup Linux created? Why another Linux Distro?

When I first discovered the Linux Operating System, I spent alot of my time trying many different Linux Distro's and found that one version filled some of my needs, while another filled others. I couldn't find a Linux distro that did every thing I needed it to.
Finally I discovered Puppy Linux and was hooked. It played Encrypted DVD's, My Winmodem worked. It was very quick and simple. (95-99% of Linux Distro's don't support Winmodem's by default.)
While I was very happy with Puppy Linux, I wanted it to be more pleasing to the eye upon boot-up, have more Apps (Packages) to be more useful to myself and my family. As I was running Puppy Linux on my Hard Drive, its size didn't matter to me. So I added more and more packages until I started getting closer to an Operating System myself and family could use ever day.
My niece's use to come around and always wanted to use msn and surf the net, I made them use Puppy instead of Windows and asked them for feedback on what they liked and disliked.

A few months ago I decided I would bring all my ideas together and create a version of Puppy Linux, I felt would appeal to Teenagers and those young at heart and TEENpup was born from that idea. I also felt that TEENpup should come with a lot of extra Apps (packages) already installed so someone new to Puppy Linux wouldn't have to search the forum and other places for Dotpups of packages they needed that weren't already in Puppy Linux. Also plugins like Java and Flash should be included and setting up your Printer should be as easy as possible.
So I thought about Java and how it's 85MB's installed and decided it was better to have a Dotpup of Java (25MB's Unzipped) included ready for installation as it would make the final version of TEENpup smaller and if a user didn't need java then they didn't have to install it.
I did the same thing with Flash, only this time it was to update it from version 7 to 9. I also include the "No Script" Plugin to stop Seamonkey from crashing as had been the a problem in the past since the release of Flash version 9 update. (Problem Fixed in TEENpup 2.0.0 which now has Flash version 9 as Default, no longer requiring "No Script" Plugin to reduce Seamonkey Web Browser from Crashing upon opening of websites containing flash content.)
While Puppy comes with its own Printer Wizard, it doesn't include many drivers (improved in Puppy versions 2.13 and 2.14 and TEENpup 2.0.0) so I decided to add the online Printer Wizard (TEENpup 1.0.0 only) from the Puppy Forum and there's instructions and a dotpup for that.) All can be accessed by clicking on the Icons on the right hand side of the Desktop.
As for the look of Seamonkey Web Browser I thought it looked plain and a bit out of date. What it had going for it was it had email and website composer built in.
As it is Puppy Linux's default Browser all plugins work, links work by default, all I had to do was make it look better with some themes and add some more plugins.
You will find an icon on the right hand side of the Desktop to access these themes and extra plug-ins. (TEENpup 1.0.0 only)
TEENpup 2.0.0 has a nice theme for Seamonkey installed by default.

TEENpup 1.0.0

What extra applications (Packages) are included compared to Puppy?
Cinepaint, XaraLX, Qcad, The Gimp, Inkscape.
Scribus (with extra templates), XNview and (Acrobat 5.0 TEENpup 1.0.0)
aMSN, Gizmo net phone and Ghttrack.
Realplayer, XMMS, Streamtuner internet radio, Grip mp3, Audacity, (X-CDroast TEENpup 1.0.0), Grafpup CD Burner, PBcdripper,aumix and gtkpod for your ipod.
Hearts, Solitaire, Mahjongg, Moonlander, Zaxxon, Ltris and Xgalaga. I also included Dosbox which allows you to install old Windows dos games like Wolfenstein 3D and play them through TEENpup.
Endeavour2 File Manager, GQview (image viewer), gtkam, VYM View Your Mind Outliner, Pfind (search) and a small App that gives you swimming fish on your Desktop called Fishtank see Icon.

You can install more apps with Puppy Software Intaller, dotpups TEENpup 1.0.0 and TEENpup 2.0.0, or PetGet with TEENpup2.0.0

All in all a lot of time has been spent on changing icons, wallpapers, mimefiles and more, I hope you like and enjoy using TEENpup version 1.0.0.

Like to see some screenshots? please click link http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=15956
You can download it from here http://puppyisos.org/isos/2007-01-to-06/

TEENpup is based on Puppy 2.10
Later TEENpups will use more current versions of Puppy.

TEENpup 2.0.0

Vision for TEENpup 2.0.0 based on Puppy 2.14

What I want TEENpup to become and offer the average PC User.

I believe an PC Operating System should be able to do the following by Default:

Connect to the Internet by Dial Up / Broadband
Surf all the Net including Pages with Flash and Java
Open Emails, Chat with MSN, Yahoo etc

Write Letters and do Spreadsheets, Paint, Photo Edit
Open different file formats like Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF's etc must be able to open Windows Formats.

Play DVD's CD's Windows Media, Quicktime, Real Media
Burn not just Data CD/DVD's but also Music CD's (Fixed in TEENpup 2.0.0)
Rip MP3's and have some compatabilitly with ipod's.
Open Photo's
Come with some Simple Games

This is the Minimum requirements and TEENpup 2.0.0
TEENpup 2.0.0 has been released.

OK what's different this time round.
Well alot of KDE's base system has been added to TEENpup 2.0.0 to allow Apps like K3B, Kooka, Digikam, Konqueror, Kopete, Kpdf, Kolf, Kontact and more to operate with the JWM and ICE window managers.
We also have "LMMS" which is a music studio to allow user's to create their own music + ZynAddSubfx another music App.
To allow a user to build a CD library simular to itunes there's the App "Madman".
If you'd like to print out some labels with your printer, there's the App "glabels".
Also games like "kobodl", "Starfighter", "Lbreakout2", "Kpat" and more have been added.

While some Apps from TEENpup 1.0.0 were removed, alot like Grip, Scribus, XMMS, Gimp, XaraLX, Realplayer, Audacity, Qcad, VYM,
dosbox, XNview were kept.
Also Added or updated are "Linuxdcpp", "Gaim2", "Kino", "Prozilla".

My advice is to take a close look at "Digikam" as it does more than just transfer your digital photo's from your digital camera. It has the current up to date camera drivers installed and better detection of some cameras than gtkam. Also you may find your Scanner will now work with "Kooka".

I must warn you that while there is a lot of KDE in TEENpup 2.0.0, it is not the full KDE Desktop and some Apps may not have all functions working.
Printing may not work with some KDE Apps and you may need to "save as" to a file and use other Apps to print.

TEENpup 2.0.0 is alot more experimental than TEENpup 1.0.0 in the way it was created with alot of the Apps coming from many different sources and bugs are sure to turn up. Hopefully there won't be many.

Update: There is a problem with the Menu in TEENpup 2.0.0 which doesn't effect it while running from the Live CD.
Upon installing TEENpup 2.0.0 to your Hard Drive and installing more Packages, the Menu may revert to an earlier ugly version with alot of the Apps missing. to bring back the correct menu open "Home" and unhide the hidden files by clicking on the "EYE". Now open the folder .icewm and create a folder call "Menubackup" and copy the backup or old menu to that folder. Now rename that old menu to "menu" and overwrite the current menu. This will bring back TEENpup's correct menu. You will need to do the same for the jwm menu as well which you will find under "Home" (root) as well.
Sorry about this bug as it was only discovered after TEENpup 2.0.0 was released.

Update: The menu problem has been fixed. See Link to Forum

Update: An Added Icewm Theme for TEENpup 2.0.0 which changes the top toolbar colour to black called IceVista3. See Link to Forum

Update: I am currently building the next installment of TEENpup and while it will be fresh and hopefully an improvement over TEENpup 2.0.0 it will still be based on Puppy 2.14 (See it more as an Updated, more Apps version of TEENpup 2.0.0)
Be warned its size is growning again. As I see or run into problems preventing a average PC user be it a Linux or Windows from doing their normal things with their PC, I have tried to find solutions to those problems which has increased the size again.

I'm also working on "Look and Feel" to attract EYE CANDY hungry Windows User's to Linux.

Even more now I see TEENpup as a single user PC Operating System. What this means is that TEENpup is now aimed at a family with a single PC who like to surf the net, play a DVD or two, burn a few CD's etc etc all the normal stuff a average Windows User would do.
I have no plans to make it into a SOHO System.
OK much to still be done, so a release date hasn't been set. I am trying to get it ready as quickly as time allows. Update: 11-08-2007

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