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Video tutorials Puppy 4.3 and beyond
4.3 Fun Intro Based on Beta release, Music comes with Govt Health Warning
Boot sequence step by step booting up with Puppy
Intro to software Text Editors, Spreadsheet, Paint program, Structured drawing, Browsers etc. Note; you will need to download devx to use Geany as an IDE and other pet programs for programming
Useful Web Sites Discussion forum, developer blog, wiki, news
Wallpaper tip Change the desktop background with click and drag
Accessing save file .fs file save can be mounted or accessed by clicking on it
new Rox usage Using the Rox file program to view, create, delete files and move between folder/ directories etc.
Shell program Basic creating and running of simple 'hello world' bash shell program example
Compiling Puppy developer add on the Devx file and pet fish
zip files zip a whole directory of files
Free Mem red warning bottom right? free memory has gone down - Menu / Utility / Personal Storage File
Shutdown options Difference between prompt and rxvt terminal/console What is JWM?
Help options In built help, links, version number
Lobsters setup New Titles (no expense spared), Plugging in USB flash drive if I can find it, Partitions (what is mnt/home?), Bookmarks from Seamonkey, Basic use of Rox
Dpup Quick look at Beta 3 Dpup 5 series built using woof

Wink tutorials excellent but for earlier versions of Puppy

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