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====Video Driver Information====

ATI Radeon driver:
[[ Ati, Intel drivers rollback (for Wary)]]
[[ Driver for Wary 19]]

ATI Radeon Resolution 1920x1080: ATI video alternate Xorg drivers
[[ Xorg driver update for various cards]]


NVidia drivers:
[[ Nvidia video drivers: How to install and setup]]
[[ Nvidia drivers in SFS thread]]
[[ CatDude's NVidia Driver Pet packages]] (user:puppy pass:linux)
[[ Shinobar's NVidia Driver SFS packages]]
[[ Nvidia PET for Lupu]]

Compiling video drivers:

//glxgears// and //report-video// programs:

//vesa// = an unaccelerated. generic Xorg driver for all video hardware
//Xvesa// = alternative to Xorg server

"Mplayer package used in Wary has a wrapper script, 'mplayershell'"

"No need to include the framebuffer modules, they aren't used for anything anymore. And with KMS enabled, they are totally redundant."

Puppeee + EeePC 701SD, increase 3D OpenGL speed


[[ Video tips for Puppy and derivatives post]]
[[ How to get Video hardware information post]]

%%glxinfo | grep -B 2 version%%

==Also see==
~[[zarfy]] - resolution changer, good for multiple monitors
~[[Video Video Index]]

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Xorg driver update for various cards]]

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