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==== Virtual Destops Workspaces ====

~Most window managers with a panel allow use of multiple **virtual desktops or workspaces**; they're like multiple screens. Each window can appear in one or more workspace. This way, you can use many more applications at the same time or sort running applications to work more efficiently.

~Thumbnails of them can be seen on the //panel//.

~{{image url=""}}

~Each rectangular shape in a thumbnail represents a window. In my case, I have a big **SeaMonkey** window, that is the dark gray rectangle: it's the active window. All other rectangles represent other windows on my screen. On my second **workspace**, I have only one small window.

~To switch to another **workspace**, click its thumbnail on the panel, or scroll with your mouse wheel while the mouse pointer is on the desktop background.

==How to set the number of Virtual Desktops ==
~This depends on which window manager your using.

~In OpenBox go to-
~~-PuppyMenu > Desktop > ""OpenBox"" Configuration
~~-click on 'desktops' and select the desired number.

~In JWM got to-
~~-PuppyMenu > Desktop > JWM Configuration
~~-click on 'tray management' then on 'virtual desktops'

==Also see==
~[[WindowManagers Window Managers]]

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