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~[[ Wary Puppy 5.5]]
~Operating system developed by BarryK, designed with for older hardware and Long Term Support
~[[ Wary 5.3 released]]

~[[ wary-52]] Beta
~[[ wary-514]]
~[[ wary-513]]
~[[ wary-512]]
~[[ wary-511]]
~[[ wary-102]]

==Community Version==
~[[CE4|Community Edition CE4]] - is copy of Wary 5.5 pending development.

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[WaryNOP]] - No Office Puppy, no office software pre-installed
~[[Barebones Wary53 Barebones]]
~[[Wary5x]] - wary 5.1.1 retro ( crossed with official [[Puppy217]]/[[Puppy431]]
~[[Racy]] - Wary with newer kernel for newer hardware
~[[Quirky]] - experimental Puppy

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