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====Watch Dog Video Surveillance Systems====
The following alternative video surveillance systems are currently available for Puppy Linux:
1. [[Watchdog]] Puppy Linux Live-CD iso (version 2 now available)
2. [[Motion]] (a dotpet for installing on Puppy Linux; version 3.2.8 now available)
(click on the above links for details and/or downloads, or see below for the selected system)

Watchdog is a Puppy Linux live-CD iso distribution created by forum member hushpuppy. It is currently based on Puppy Linux version 2.16 and contains a sophisticated, fully pre-configured zoneminder video surveillance system, which uses mysql, apache, perl5 & php5 to provide its functionality.

You can download it from
Further information concerning Watchdog:

a. When downloading, you are adviced to fetch the readme first and peruse that whilst downloading the iso.
b. You will find the main forum threads concerning Watchdog at:

i. [[ WatchDog v2]]
ii. [[ WatchDog v1]]

c. For info on the application zoneminder itself, refer to
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==See also==
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~[[Privacy]] - Keeping your information private

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