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this page based on this forum post

Download BOTH of these .pets:
Then install them simply by single clicking on them (Left mouse button),
install first, then

When installing the second .pet, a browser window will open Wbar Instructions & Tips,
you will need to close this window to allow the install to continue.
You can open that window again at any time by navigating to: /usr/doc/wbar/Wbar_Install_Readme.html,
there are a couple of other files to read in the same directory.

When the install of both .pets is complete, you will need to edit this file: /root/.xinitrc
please note that this is a hidden file so you need to click on the "Eye" icon in ROX-Filer.
Right click on /root/.xinitrc and select: Open As Text,
now scroll to the bottom of the file and find the part that looks something like this:

#v2.11 GuestToo suggested this improvement...
[ -x $CURRENTWM ] && exec $CURRENTWM
exec jwm


You now need to add your wbar "Launch Command" Immediately above where it say's: #exec $CURRENTWM

Exactly what command you enter here will depend how you want to run your wbar,
i will give you an example for you to start with, just change things to suit your own needs. (refer to the files in /usr/doc/wbar)


# Start wbar application launcher
sleep 3 && wbar -above-desk -jumpf 1 -pos bottom -offset 30 -nanim 3 -zoomf 1.8 -idist 10 -isize 38 -bpress -balfa 0 -falfa 100 &

Note that this is for running the wbar at the BOTTOM of the screen, if you want it at the top,
change -pos bottom to -pos top
The -offset 30 is the distance (in pixels)
that the wbar will be offset from either the top or bottom of the screen.
You may also need to increase the sleep period from 3 seconds,
that is more trial & error until you find what works.

So now the bottom of your /root/.xinitrc file
will look like this:

# Start wbar application launcher
sleep 3 && wbar -above-desk -jumpf 1 -pos bottom -offset 30 -nanim 3 -zoomf 1.8 -idist 10 -isize 38 -bpress -balfa 0 -falfa 100 &

#v2.11 GuestToo suggested this improvement...
[ -x $CURRENTWM ] && exec $CURRENTWM
exec jwm


The reason we put this "Launch Command" in this file, is so that wbar gets launched automatically at each bootup.

The actual wbar configuration file is at: /root/.wbar (another hidden file),
again right click and select: Open As Text

At the top you will see this block

#i: /usr/share/wbar/wbar.icons/osxbarback.png
#t: /usr/share/wbar/wbar.icons/Starcraft Normal.ttf/12

you can ignore that, as i left it there to quickly change font.

It is the rest of the file down that is important.
This first block:

i: /usr/share/wbar/wbar.icons/osxbarback.png
t: /usr/share/wbar/wbar.icons/Creampuff.ttf/16

is where you set the wbar background image
and font & font size.

I included 3 fonts in this directory: /usr/share/wbar/wbar.icons
Starcraft Normal.ttf

But you can use whatever font you desire.
That directory also contains the icons, but you can use any icons you like.

All of the other blocks below that one are for each launcher on the wbar,
they all have the same configuration


i: = the path to the icon to be used.
c: = the command to run, or path to executable file.
t: = the text that is displayed beneath the icon

So now all that is left, is to get the wbar fired up,
you need to restart the X server (from the Shutdown section in the Menu)

Please note:
Any changes that you make to the configuration file,
will require you to restart the X server in order to see those changes.
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