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====Promote the Wiki Barcodes====
Use this images to link to Wiki:
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====About the wiki and how to use it====
==Getting a Wiki Account==
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==Help using wiki and conventions==
~[[UsingThisWiki About Using the Wiki]]
~[[CreateNewPage How to Create a New Wiki Page]]
~[[Sandbox Have a go in the Sandbox]]
~[[WikiStyleGuide Style Guide]]
~[[CategoryUsers Wiki users]]
~[[WikiTemplates Templates for standard pages]]
~[[WikiCategory How to use Categories]]
~[[WikiTags Pages can be Tagged with messages]]
~[[LanguageBars]] - Proposal to improve multilingual support
==Don't forget to check==
~Useful places to check when visiting Wiki (also linked at top of each page):
~[[WantedPages]] - pages linked to but not created yet
==Also on the Wiki==
~[[UsFrancais|Introduction page for French users]]
~[[WikiBarcodes|Promote the wiki Barcodes]]
==Related Webpages==
~[[ Help! needed with Wiki]]
~[[ Tool for creating Language Bars]]
~[[ Why Wiki Works]]
~[[ Wiki Gnome HQ]]

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