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Wiki Style Guide

This style guide is intended to:
- Reduce presentational differences between articles.
- Reduce wiki categorization omissions and errors.
- Improve usability and accessibility for all wiki visitors.
- Also see WikiTemplates


Text and graphics are preferred for articles.
Many people either do not have access to broadband or can’t afford it. Video is of no use to people using Screen Readers.

If you wish you may state that you are the originator of the file.

Tables may only be used for tabular data
Header 1Header 2
Cell 1Cell 2

|=|Header 1|=|Header 2||
||Cell 1||Cell 2||

Vertically tall graphics should be placed on the right.
So text may flow up and left of them. Vertically short graphics may simply be placed normally and thus appear on the left. The code below is taken from Dpup article.
{{image class="right" url="" title="Dpup screenshot" alt="Dpup screenshot"}}{{image url="" title=" logo" alt=" logo"}}

H3 title may only be used once at top of article
==== Title ====

H5 size titles to designate article sections
== Section ==

Use single = size to designate article sub-section

Red should only be used for warnings (and not in titles either).
Warning: Red should only be used for warnings.

Use bold to emphasize text within the article. Do not use bold to designate article titles.
**This text is bold for emphasis**

Use underline to call attention to text within the article (not in titles).

Use a list to place bullets on special points within articles.
	- This is a bulleted point

Articles must include this footer.
(line return here)
(line return here)

Any CamelCase text that is not the name of an existing wiki page must be disabled with two sets of double quotes.


Avoid HTML in articles, not all editors are proficient with it.

Pictures and graphics must have title text and alt text. This enables people who use screen readers to better understand articles.

title="Logo and or graphic image description" alt="Logo and or graphic image description"

Comming soon: WikiStyleExample

See also: FormattingRules

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