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This style guide is intended to:


H1 title may only be used once at top of article (any color but red).

======{{color text="Article Title Size H1" c="green"}}======

Use H2 size titles to designate article section headings (any color).

====={{color text="Article Section Heading H2" c="green"}}=====

Use H3 through H4 size titles to designate article headings (black is preferred).

==={{color text="Article Heading" c="black"}}===

Use H5 size titles to designate article sub titles (black is preferred).

==Article Sub Heading==

Text color must be set for H4 through H1 size titles.

==={{color text="Text color must be set for H4 size titles and above" c="black"}}===

Use bold to emphasize text within the article, not to designate article titles.

**This text is bold for emphasis**

Use underline to call attention to text within the article (not in titles).


Use a list to place bullets on special points within articles.

	- This is a bulleted point

Articles must include this footer.

(line return here)
(line return here)

Avoid HTML in articles, not all editors are proficient with it.

Comming soon: WikiStyleExample

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