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Window Managers

The window manager is the layer between X windows and the desktop environment. If you imagine a computer system as a series of layers it would look something like this:

Hardware < Operating System < Window System < Window Manager < Desktop Environment

for Puppy the default is JWM (the window manager acts as the desktop environment as well):

Hardware < Linux < X Windows < JWM

List of Window Managers
JWM - default in most Puppy Versions

List of Desktop Environment

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Window Managers with Special Effects

Window managers (WM) control the placement & appearance of windows. The default WM in Puppy is JWM, a very light and basic but effective WM. However there are many other window managers (& windowing systems and desktop environments) available and some offer special effects like transparency & 3D. Primary examples are:

Understanding these Effects

To get an idea of the difference these effects can make to how to use your computer, static pictures alone won't help. See below for some info, links, videos etc to find out more.


Originally a fork of Compiz. Now officially re-merged into Compiz to create Compiz-Fusion. Some people still prefer Beryl.


Now merged with Beryl into Compiz-Fusion, but still available as Compiz Core, without Fusion additions.


The "hot" special effects window manager, with many plug-ins to add different effects.


A somewhat different concept from straightforward 3D WMs like Compiz-Fusion. Apparently lighter on computer resources than the Compiz family.
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Project Looking Glass

3D desktop environment using Java3D.


Xfwm is the default WM of the Xfce desktop environment, capable of true transparency & shadows. While not as flexible as Metisse or Compiz-Fusion, it is very stable.

eg. root/.icewm/themes/Venusian/default theme

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