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**XOpup** is a Puppy linux 5.1.1 derivative that supports the One Laptop Per Child hardware.
It supports the XO-1 and the XO-1.5 laptops

XOpup was developed by //mavrothal// and //01micko//
//Mitch Bradley// (OLPC) was instrumental in booting puppy on the XO
//Paul J Fox// (OLPC) was critical in debugging and modifying power management and keyboard function in XOpup.
//Anna// and //Eddie Owens// helped with the sound at the initial steps of the project, and //ttuuxxx// had many helpful comments and encouragement during the difficult start.

**XOpup-2.2** ([[ XOpup-2.2.tar.gz]] md5sum: a05a34ba7ddac575cba785eedcad5479) is an Update of XOpup-2.1
The main changes compared to XOpup-2.1 are:
- New Frisbee network manager as default. Is much more user friendly and flexible
- New power management that properly detects external devices (mice etc)
- New initrd/init and rc.sysinit scripts for faster boot (by 10-20 sec, depending on the setup).
- The traditional boot sequence is also available
- New kernels and Aufs-utils, for a more puppy-like experience
- Kernel devel and headers are now provided as pets instead of RPMs
- Proper detection of the XO keyboard via udev
- New XO-1.5 chrome and XO-1 geode 2.11.12 video drivers
- Addition of an alternative /boot/olpc.fth that may improve card detection with some "difficult" SDcards
- New Right-click functionality
- Addition of 7z and xz, compression/decompression utilities
- Addition of yad/zenity infrastucture
- New devices to match F14/OLPC-11.x.x builds
- New reset-touchpad app that may improve erratic behavior of the XO-1 touchpad
- New gecko media player plugin for in-browser movie playback
- New wallpapers, XOpup logo and PuppyPin
- New desktop icon setup app
- Updates of: Gnome media player, sfs_load, wallpaper, snapmerge, Psync, Pmusic, Pschedule, Pfind, pupRadio, you2pup, gtkdialog, bash, transmission, squashfs-tools-4.2, xarchive and repo data lists
- Fix Quickpet to download SFSs when booting from an SDcard
- The 2.6.31 kernel version for the XO-1 is not included anymore in the download, as Frisbee looks more reliable. However, the 2.6.31 kernel for xopup-205, is still available as pet.
- Spanish localization is not included anymore in the download due to the absence of any interest :-\ However the one from XOpup-2.1 is mostly OK and is available as a tar.gz archive.
- More under the hood fixes. See the [[ change log]] for the changes from XOpup-2.2.RC (xopup-204)

XOpup-specific pets and tar.gzs can be found at:

__Do see__ the [[ Build Announcement]] for features, instructions, issues etc

**XOpup-2.1** ([[ XOpup-2.1.tar.gz]] md5sum: 800b9351753fe792a5e14c5c39e0fe16 ) is a slimmed down version of XOpup-1.0 (and Opup-2.0) and now supports equally well the XO-1 and the XO-1.5
The main changes compared to XOpup-1.0 are:
- Addition of Openbox/fbpanel window manager that is screen rotation aware
- Screen, touchpad, Dpad and arrow-keys rotation
- New XO-1.5 chrome video driver that supports rotation
- XO camera support through the Guvcview application
- A first attempt of a Spanish localization package (included in the download)
- New olpc-2.6.35-based kernels for both the XO-1 and the XO-1.5 (a new 2.6.31 kernel for the XO-1 is also provided)
- Jamesbond's new snapmergepuppy that dramatically decreases savefile and shutdown times
- Shinobar's new "sfs_load on the fly" for loading and unloading sfs without reboot.
- External monitor/projector, firewall and bluetooth support
- Improvements in the puppyfile detection and the shutdown process
- Better power management
- Updated XO-version-specific Quickpet and PPM repo data
- Updated Flash player
- Trio's you2pup-2.1.2. Very handy, particularly on the XO-1
- New XOpup-specific desktop backgrounds
- "xopup"-based instead of "lupu"-based SFS names
- Many more updates and under-the-hood changes.
- See the [[ change log]] for the changes from XOpup-2.0.

See the [[ Build Announcement]] for features, instructions, issues etc

**XOpup-1.0** is the first stable release of XOpup [[ XOpup-1.tar.gz ]]
(md5sum: 2ae743e6bb5da4d327049bb7d3c8b85b)
Check out the XOpup-1 [[ Build Announcement]] for prerequisites, features, info and known issues.

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