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file compression

Verify installed version via the command-line interface:
%%bzip2 --version%%
Version 1.0.6 removes a potential security vulnerability, CVE-2010-0405, so all users are recommended to upgrade immediately.

Source code distribution:

Binary code distribution:
- [[]] 113KB
- [[]] 31KB

Dependencies: +[[grep]],+[[tar]]

# bzip2 --help
bzip2, a block-sorting file compressor. Version 1.0.5, 10-Dec-2007.

usage: bzip2 [flags and input files in any order]

-h --help print this message
-d --decompress force decompression
-z --compress force compression
-k --keep keep (don't delete) input files
-f --force overwrite existing output files
-t --test test compressed file integrity
-c --stdout output to standard out
-q --quiet suppress noncritical error messages
-v --verbose be verbose (a 2nd -v gives more)
-L --license display software version & license
-V --version display software version & license
-s --small use less memory (at most 2500k)
-1 .. -9 set block size to 100k .. 900k
--fast alias for -1
--best alias for -9

If invoked as `bzip2', default action is to compress.
as `bunzip2', default action is to decompress.
as `bzcat', default action is to decompress to stdout.

If no file names are given, bzip2 compresses or decompresses
from standard input to standard output. You can combine
short flags, so `-v -4' means the same as -v4 or -4v, &c.

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