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====DPup 484====

[[Woof Woof]] production using [[ Debian]] packages, developed by gposil.

- [[FirstRun First Boot Wizard]]
- Dpup Safer Browser (for enhanced privacy & security)
- Dpup Control Panel
- Dedicated desktop tray icons for Show Desktop, Internet Connection Wizard, Screenshot, Activate Screensaver, Eject/Load CD/DVD & Control Panel programs
- [[RoxFiler ROX-Filer]] context menu for [[MD5sum MD5sum]] text file creation
- Puppy Wallpaper Setter with preview function
- File system support for EXT2/3/4, FAT16/32, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, Reiserfs/""Reiserfs4"", UFS and XFS
- Native installer for Debian/Ubuntu .deb software packages
- Laptop Webcam Viewer
- Shutdown Wizard

- [[Firefox Firefox 3.6]]with ""ChatZilla"", Flashblock, Simple Mail & No-Script add-ons
- Mplayer video player; Beep Media Player (audio player); ""StreamIt"" 1.0 video streaming client, Drec 2.1 desktop video recorder
- ISO Master 1.3.6 CD/DVD image editor; Pburn 3.1.8 CD/DVD image writer
- GParted 0.4.8 partition editor
- [[Parcellite Parcellite 0.9.2]] clipboard manager
- Transmission 1.82 BitTorrent client; ""PuTTY"" SSH client; Remotedesktop Client 0.23; VNC viewer client
- GtkLP Printer Management
- Xarchive with support for xz compression
- Htop 0.8.3 system process viewer; LX Task Manager
- [[AbiWord AbiWord 2.8.0]] word processor; [[Gnumeric Gnumeric 1.8.3]] spreadsheet editor
- gcc 4.4.2

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==={{color text="Sneak Peek" c="black"}}===
- [[ Sneak Peek at beta4]] screenshot (587x469)
- [[ Quick look at Beta 3]] on youtube
- [[ Sneak Peek at Beta5 on Video, made in Beta5(x264)]]
- [[ Sneak Peek at Beta5 on Video, made in Beta5(mp4)]]
- [[ YouTube Video (No Sound) made by Forum member dejan555 - Customised Dpup]]

==Also see==
[[dpup485 dpup-485]] revision maintained by dejan555.


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