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[[ Enlightenment]] stacking [[WindowManagers window manager]] for the X window system.

==Puppy Versions using Enlightenment==

[[MacPup]] - [[ MacPup forum thread]]


[[ How to install E17 via Build Script]]

~-//May require Xorg (not XVESA) and xorg_OpenGL-6.8.1 (available as a pupget)//
~-//May also require [[]]// [[ temp. link]]
[[ SFS]]

Enlightenment is a small, fast, customizable "window manager" that works quite well with Puppy. Enlightenment boasts menu transparency, multiple and virtual desktops with easy switching, an icon bar, a desktop pager, epplets (like very small widgets), and a few special effects like "ripples" on your desktop. It takes some getting used to since it is a little different than the other window managers, but give it time and use your tooltips by hovering the cursor over desktop items.

==Installing Enlightenment==
1) The first step would be to download and then install the [[ Enlightenment DR16]] dotpup. [[ temp. link]]

2) Next, you should probably download and install [[ MU's configuration dotpup]] for Enlightenment DR16-7 since it makes the setup simpler. [[ temp. link]]

3) After installation, exit X (hit CTRL-ALT-Backspace). (or logout some other way)

In the prompt,type:
//xwin enlightenment//

If it does not work, simply type
//xwin jwm//
to go back to your Puppy-Desktop.

You can also install Enlightenment DR17 as a Puppy expansion file (.sfs). See this [[ forum thread]].

==Enlightenment downloads==
Many Enlightenment-related files for use with Puppy can be found in page for window managers.

==Help & Information==
The full forum thread can be found [[ here.]]
Please post any Enlightenment-on-Puppy questions or configuration problems on the forum or ask in the Puppy IRC channel.

==Hints & Tips==
- To disable the icon bar:
click the middle mouse button on the tiny box on the upper left hand corner.

- To add own entries:
left-click on desktop, Puppy -> E16 -> menueditor.

- To update the imported Jwm-menu:
left-click on desktop, Puppy -> E16 -> reload Puppymenu

- To edit the icons:
left-click on desktop, Puppy -> E16 -> MU-e16-tools -> edit iconbar.

- To move borderless Windows like the Iconbox:
left-click it, and hold the left ALT-Key.

- To make the menus transparent:
right-click on the desktop...Desktop Background Settings.. and down at the bottom is the theme transparency settings.

- Quick workspace switching:
move your cursor to an empty area of your desktop and scroll your mouse wheel.

[[ add launch-bar]]

==Some screenshots of Enligtenment on Puppy==
(with Gentoo icons)

==Also see==
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