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~Web browser from the [[Mozilla Foundation|]]. Similar to [[Seamonkey]] without the webmail features. Uses Gecko display engine.

~Install an appropriate software package:
~[[ Firefox Portable]] Puppy GUI to get the latest Firefox in your language and install it outside the pupsave file at /mnt/home
~[[ Firefox 23 PET (English/Greek/Portable) thread]] packaged by [[koulaxizis]]
~[[ Firefox 22 EN (English)]] [[ Firefox 22 EL (Greek)]] packaged by [[koulaxizis]]
~[[ firefox-19.sfs and add-ons]] packaged by [[vanchutr]]
~[[ Packages for Wary 5]]
~[[ Packages for Puppy 5.2 Lucid]]
~Or use the [[PPM]] or [[SlickPet]].

==Older Packages==
~[[ Firefox 7 and 8 for Puppy5/Wary5]]

~+[[bzip2]],+[[curl]],+[[dbus]],+[[dbusglib dbus-glib]],+[[grep]],+[[libjpeg]],+[[openssl]],+[[pixman]],+[[sqlite]],+[[tar]],+[[wget]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[ImproveFontRendering How to Improve Font Rendering]] - including Firefox config
~SeaMonkey - also from [[Mozilla]] with integrated Mail client

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Firefox homepage]]
~[[ flashgot (firefox 19 thread)]] - fast download video add-on
~[[ Configuring Fonts on the Puppy Desktop thread]]
~[[ NoScript add-on]]
~[[ Barry's Blog]]

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