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[[ IceWM]] window manager that controls the appearance, placement and manipulation of windows, with the provision of a task bar

The goal of IceWM is speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user's way. It is a light [[WindowManagers window manager]] which should feel familiar to new Puppy users. For advanced users, IceWM is also highly configurable. There are many themes available, which can change the appearance of IceWM to suit anyone's taste.

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==Install ""IceWM""==
""Some recent puppies come with IceWM pre-installed, although you may have to select it in the window manager selection tool first. Otherwise IceWM can be installed from the package manager. If you must have the latest version a search on the forum can help you locate a recent .pet file.""

[[ thread]] - for Puppy 5.3 Slacko
[[ thread]] - for Wary 5.11
[[ thread]] - for Puppy 4.3

==Configuring IceWM themes==

* go to root/
* turn on hidden windows from ROX
* go to the .icewm hidden folder
* then into the theme
* and edit as text the default theme text/config file

==Changing keyboard bindings==

The keyboard shortcuts are configured by the file ~/.icewm/keys.

Code examples:
key "Alt+Ctrl+t" xterm
key "Alt+Ctrl+e" emacs
key "Alt+Ctrl+f" firefox

==IceWM Themes Exchange==
""This is the place where Puppy users are showing off their IceWM installs and sharing themes.""
[[ IceWM Themes Exchange]]

==Also see==
[[WindowManagers Window Managers]]

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