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====JACK Jack Audio Connection Kit====
~Audio server, useful for sound processing. Jack is the backend and is often packaged with [[qjackctl]] GUI application, which in turn requires [[Qt Qt4]]. If you require the GUI frontend see [[qjackctl qjackctl page]].

~Install the appropriate software package, or compile source:

~//0.x series//
~[[]] 300KB {contains DEV & DOC files} packaged by [[coolpup]]
~[[]] 273KB {contains DEV files} packaged by [[coolpup]]
~//1.x series//
~[[]] packaged by [[Koulaxizis]]
~Source code distribution:
~Dependencies: +[[alsalib alsa-lib]],+[[bzip2]],+[[celt]],+[[grep]],+[[libffado]],+[[libsamplerate]],+[[libsndfile]],+[[tar]]

~Version and usage information via the command-line interface:
~%%jackd -V%%

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[UsingJack Using Jack]]
~[[qjackctl]] - information about the frontend GUI
~[[Time Machine|]] - background audio recorder

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