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====JWM About====
~**JWM** (Joe's Window Manager) is the default [[WindowManagers window manager]] in many Puppy Linux versions including Puppy4. It is light weight using only [[Xlib]] at a minimum.
~A [[windowmanagers window manager]] is an application that manages windows: it lets you open, close, maximize and minimize windows. The **window manager** draws the window borders and captions.
~In order to keep Puppy small in size and retain functionality, Puppy uses a lightweight **window manager** called [[JWM]] (**J**oe's **W**indow **M**anager), which also manages a //panel// on the bottom of the screen. Some versions of Puppy contain other **window managers**, such as [[IceWM]], [[Fluxbox]] or [[Openbox]].

==Puppy Versions using JWM==
~The standard versions of Puppy 3, 4 and Puppy 5.3 Slacko use JWM as the default, Puppy 5.2x Lucid has JWM as alternative (select by using [[WMSwitcher]]).

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