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~**Lxpup** is a lightweight distribution with versions based on [[Slacko]] by [[01micko]], and [[Precise]] from [[Barry Kauler|]]. The [[desktop environment|]] [[LXDE]] seems to be a good compromise between lightness, ease and more aesthetically pleasing. It was created by [[Jejy69]].
~This derivative is simply easier to use, lightweight, user-friendly, flexible. It will suit the old and the latest computers, thanks to kernel 3.1.10 and 3.2.29 with [[Precise]]. It has a base Slackware/Ubuntu, and therefore a large number of packages easily installable via [[PPM]].

==Version 14.03==
~""LxPup14.03"" uses the components from [[LxPup-by-SFS]] added onto the [[Slacko57|Slacko5.7]] base using the [[Woofy0.91]] and [[Edit-Initrdgz-1.4]] tools.
~It offers [[Openbox]] as it’s window manager, [[LxPanelX]] (a fork of [[LxPanel]]) as it’s panel manager and [[PCManFM]] as it’s file manager. This version is created by [[PeeBee]].

~{{image url="" link="" width="200" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot"}} {{image url="" link="" width="200" title="screenshot" alt="screenshot"}}

~LxPup is available as a complete Puppy version
~Versions by ""PeeBee"":
~[[ LxPup14.03 download thread]]
~Versions by ""Jejy69"":
~[[ LxPup 14 download page]] - beta?
~[[ LxPup 13.01 download page]]
~Alternately it is available as an SFS package for [[Slacko]], [[Precise]] and [[Upup|Upup-Raring]]:
~[[ LxPup 5.5 SFS package thread]]

==Related Webpages==
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==Dead Links==
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