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~**mtPaint** is the default paint program on many versions of Puppy. It is a simple raster/bitmap graphics editor.
~|=| **Compatible with** || [[Puppy4]], [[Puppy5Index Puppy5]], [[Wary]] ||
|=| **Dependencies** || - ||

~mtPaint comes [[SoftwareBuiltIn built-in]] to many [[PuppyVersionIndex versions of Puppy]].
~Start it via // PuppyMenu > Graphics > mtPaint //, or click on the desktop Paint icon (when set as default paint program)
~To update or if not present, install appropriate package:
~~[[ New version mtpaint 3.44.13 - March 18, 2013 thread]] packaged by [[don570]]
~~[[ Wary5 packages]] / [[ download]]

~See the [[ How to Print in MtPaint]] page.

~For more complex graphic operations you can install [[GIMP]]. For vector graphics see [[InkLite]] or [[Inkscape]].

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