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**""PCdRipper""** does not need temp storage of wav files and the encoding will be done while the ripping is done. It has [[cddbQuery cddb_query]] auto tagging support. This will automatically tag your files if internet connection is present and the database matches your cd. My tagger is in place too, just incase the auto tagging doesn't work with your cd. The pet package will install the PCdRipper script to ##/usr/sbin/##. The help file will be at ##/usr/share/doc/pcdripper.htm##

|=| **Compatible with** || [[Puppy5Index Puppy5]] ||
|=| **Dependencies** || Dependencies here ||

**Screenshot** ([[ fullsize]])
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Install an appropriate [[PETs software packages]]:

Install both program and library PETs:
**[[ program]]**
**[[ library]]**

~Alternatively, you could use [[Asunder]] or [[Pmusic]].

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~[[RippingOpticalMedia]] - from the commandline

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