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~**Pidgin** is a instant messaging & internet relay chat (IRC).

~Install an appropriate software package:
~[[ Binary code distribution:packaged by coolpup]]
~[[ Pidgin]] packaged by [[dejan555]]

==Setup Puppy IRC==
~-Open Pidgin
~-Click on Add account.
~-Change the protocol to IRC
~-Enter a screen name... eg ""IceUser""
~-Change the Server to
~-Click Buddies...Add Chat
~-In the Channel Box add...#puppylinux
~-Put a checkmark in Auto-Login if you want to go to the Puppy IRC Chat EVERY time you open Pidgin. Otherwise, leave Auto-Login blank.blank.
~~//or// if you've already started using [[Gaim]]
~-Add Screen name
~-Click Save.
~-Click sign on
~-Click on your Buddy List...Buddies...Add Chat
~-Select your IRC (****) account
~-In the Channel Box add...#puppylinux
~-Click on Add.
~-Right Click on IRC-#puppylinux in the Buddy List window and set to Auto-Join. This will automatically join the #puppylinux channel anytime you connect to

==More information==
~So who protects long-term privacy by supporting perfect forward secrecy?... Outside of the web, [[ emails encrypted using the OpenPGP standard do not have forward secrecy, but instant messages (or text messages) encrypted using the OTR protocol do]].

~Package Pidgin. Download source code for [[ Pidgin website]].
~For systems with [[glibc]] version ≥ 2.15, dependencies:
~~[[ Pidgin TXZ]] packaged by [[CoolPup]]
~~[[ pidgin-otr]] packaged by [[CoolPup]]
~~[[ libotr]] packaged by [[CoolPup]]
~~+[[gnutls]],+[[libxml2]],+[[libgcrypt]],+zlib,+[[libgpgerror libgpg-error]]

==Also on the Wiki==
~[[ChatRoom Chat Room - IRC]]

==IRC channels==
~#puppylinux (at

==Related Webpages==
~[[ Pidgin homepage]]
~[[ Flash video on setting up Pidgin (Gaim) for IRC]]
~[[ Surveillance Self-Defense (eff)]]
~[[ Pidgin & Internet relay chat (youtube)]]
~[[ Electronic Frontier Foundation]]
~~[[ helpout]]
~[[ Forum topic t=84362]]

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