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~**Pmusic** is audio media player, written by [[Zigbert]]. It is very lightweight and included in most Puppies.

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~Upgrade to the latest version by installing an appropriate package:
~[[ PMusic thread]]

==Pmusic Themes==
~Pmusic is skin-able, that is, you can change the theme to suit the look and feel of your desktop. This theme is inherited by the other apps linked to Pmusic, but only if you open them from the Pmusic links.
~Download themes from:
~[[ Pmusic theme post]]

==Pmusic Theme Creation==
~If you have not downloaded any themes then this directory will be empty: ##/user/local/pmusic/themes## If you have there will be a directory for each theme. In this directory you will find many ##.png## files which are the icons that make up the GTK GUI of Pmusic. You can have Pmusic running so you can compare these icons the their respective on-screen positions in the app. Now you can open your favourite image editor and edit these icons to your heart's desire, making sure to back-up your original theme and saving the new icons you create in a new directory inside ##/usr/local/pmusic/themes##. Be sure to save the icons with the identical name as the original.
~You will also find two text files in the theme directory. You can leave the "themerc" file alone but you can edit the "gtkrc" file. One nifty thing you can do is change the font. Find a font you would like Pmusic to have and be sure it is installed correctly in "/usr/share/fonts/default/TTF". On line 31 of the "gtkrc" file you will find "font_name = ""DejaVu"" Sans 12" or "font_name = D3 Euronism 9", where """DejaVu"" Sans" or "D3 Euronism" is the font name and "12" or "9" is the size of the font. Alter these and save the file. There are lots of other things you can edit in this file, colors and such, just experiment, but remember to back-up before you do so you don't lose any of your hard work if something goes wrong.
~Save all your changes and name your new directory to a theme name of your choice. Restart Pmusic and go to File/Preferences where a window will appear offering you the theme options. If you have done everything correctly then your theme will appear in the list. Select it, restart Pmusic and again, if all is well, your new theme will appear.

==Upgrade for Puppy Lucid==
~Package to upgrade [[Lucid]] dependencies for Pmusic to version 2.2.2:[[]]
~Then further updates can be downloaded from the Pmusic thread, see above.

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