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=={{color text="General" c="green"}}==
~-pMusic is architecture independent and will work for X86/ARM (32/64-bit), as long as the [[ dependencies]] is valid.
~-pMusic is a script, and not compiled code. That means all code are readable after installation in /usr/local/pmusic/.
~-The package is provided as a pet, which basically is a tar.xz. It will open in any archive program.

=={{color text="Download" c="green"}}==
~username: ''//puppy//''
~password: ''//linux//''

~||[[ pMusic-5.6.1]]||[[ Mirror]]||124 kb||{{color text="Latest stable release" c="red"}}||
||++[[ pMusic-5.7.0]]++||++[[ Mirror]]++||++124 kb++||Latest development release||

~Release notes: [[ 5.4.0]] [[ 5.2.0]] [[ 5.0.0]]
~Code at [[ GitHub]]

=={{color text="Misc" c="green"}}==
~[[ Language support]]
~[[ Plugins]]
~[[ Graphical themes]]
~[[ Frontends]]

=={{color text="Dependencies" c="green"}}==
~-pMusic will work just fine even if missing all recommended and optional items.
~-pMusic will show status of dependencies by executing ''//pmusic -D//'' in terminal or from the Help menu.

||[[gtkdialog]]||>= 0.8.4||[[ Pet packages]]||
||[[bash]]||>= 4.0||||
||[[ffmpeg]]||>= 1.2||Pack for [[ TahrPup]] [[ Precise Pup]]||
||[[wget]]||||Web connection||
||[[streamripper]]||||Extended radio-rip/play||
||[[cdda2wav]] ([[cdrtools]])||||Playing/rip CD-audio||
||[[pEqualizer]]||>= 0.9.0||||
||[[timidity]]||||Play midi||
||[[soundtouch]]||||Tempo detection (bpm)||
||[[pBurn]]||||Burn audio-CD||
||[[libcddb]]||||For extended CD-audio support. [[ Precise Pup]]||
||[[pFilesearch]]||>= 1.28||Advanced file search||

=={{color text="Archive" c="green"}}==
~|=|(x:2)Version|=|size of pet|=|date of release|=|major dependencies|=|
||[[ pMusic-5.2.7]]||[[ Mirror]]||117 kb||2017_01_05||ffmpeg >= 1.2, gtkdialog >= 0.8.4||
||[[ pMusic-4.7.4]]||[[ Mirror]]||139 kb||2016_01_02||ffmpeg >= 1.2, gtkdialog >= 0.8.4||
||[[ pMusic-3.3.0]]||[[ Mirror]]||105 kb||2013_03_18||ffmpeg >= 0.8, gtkdialog >= 0.8.3||
||[[ pMusic-2.6.7]]||[[ Mirror]]||106 kb||2012_10_29||ffmpeg >= 0.8, gtkdialog >= 0.8.0||
||[[ pMusic-1.8.3]]||[[ Mirror]]||74 kb||2011_06_04||ffmpeg <= 0.7, gtkdialog >= 0.7.20||

~[[ The pMusic history]]

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