P4 Optimized Fast i686 Build

Pup 4 Pentiums

Barebones 4.3 puplet with applications compiled specifically for Pentium 4 processors
XFCE 4 Pentiums (4.6.1)
Wine 4 Warcraft (1.1.4)
Swiftfox (Firefox 3.6)
with Simple Mail, FireFTP, Flash
run as non-root user "notroot
Speed 4 Gimp (2.4.5)
Audacious 2 (2.2)
Geany (0.18.1)
tar, gnumeric, abiword
pdf viewer and calculator
conky, xdesktopwaves eyecandy
original theme "Emerald Alien"

Pup 4 Pentiums Homepage
Pup 4 Pentiums Support
Pup 4 Pentiums Video

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