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Qt is an open source application framework developed the Qt Project, involving individuals and companies - notably Nokia. Many Qt applications are written in C++ CPlusPlus, although other bindings to other languages are available. KDE desktop environment is based on Qt.
Qt is not standard on Puppy. However, much work has been done to implement the framework. Generally speaking to run a Qt application on Puppy requires the installation of a software package. Similarly, to compile or development a Qt app a package is required (usually with 'dev' in its name). See Software Packages below, or Qt installation.

Polar Pup
Polarpup comes with Qt as standard and some Qt apps such as Clementine and its devx has the development files. This makes using Qt applications very easy.

Qt Puppy
QtPuppy is version of Puppy that uses Qt as the default framework, currently under development by scsijon. The first step is to get Mageia 2 based Puppy up and running, then later a version using Mageia 3. This will be branched into QtPuppy. To help test is this forum page.

Also on the wiki
PolarPup - Puppy comes with Qt as standard
Qt - install Qt
QtPuppy - under development, a Puppy that uses Qt as the default framework
Compiling Qt and Scim Qt Modules
Software Development Details

Software Packages

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