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The Syslinux Project

boot loading

Verify installed version via the command-line interface (not available for versions older than 4.01):
# syslinux --version

Binary package:

Dependencies: +bzip2,+grep,+tar

# syslinux
Usage: syslinux [options] device
  --offset     -t  Offset of the file system on the device 
  --directory  -d  Directory for installation target
  --install    -i  Install over the current bootsector
  --update     -U  Update a previous installation
  --zip        -z  Force zipdrive geometry (-H 64 -S 32)
  --sectors=#  -S  Force the number of sectors per track
  --heads=#    -H  Force number of heads
  --stupid     -s  Slow, safe and stupid mode
  --raid       -r  Fall back to the next device on boot failure
  --once=...       Execute a command once upon boot
  --clear-once -O  Clear the boot-once command
  --reset-adv      Reset auxilliary data
  --menu-save= -M  Set the label to select as default on the next boot
  --force      -f  Ignore precautions

e.g. install the boot loader to device sdb1:
# syslinux -i --stupid /dev/sdb1

Using syslinux older than version 4.01:
# syslinux --help   
Usage: ./syslinux [-sfr][-d directory][-o offset] device

Installing the boot loader to device sdb1 using syslinux older than version 4.01:
# syslinux -sf /dev/sdb1

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