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~Package: tea (39.0.0) - text editor with syntax highlighting & UTF support
~TEA provides you hundreds of functions. Want some tea?
~TEA features are:
~ * Spell checker (using aspell and hunspell)
~ * Tabbed layout engine
~ * Support for multiple encodings
~ * Syntax highlighting
~ * Code snippets and templates support
~ * Wikipedia, Docbook, ""LaTeX"", and Lout editing support
~ * Reading of ""OpenDocument"" Text, SWX (old format), KWord, AbiWord, DOCX, Scribus, RTF, FB2
~ * Hotkeys customizations
~ * "Open at cursor"-function for HTML-files and images
~ * Miscalleneous HTML tools
~ * Preview in external browsers
~ * String-handling functions such as sorting, reverse, format killing, trimming, filtering, conversions etc.
~ * Bookmarks
~ * Drag'n'drop support (with text files and pictures)
~ * Built-in image viewer (PNG, JPEG, GIF, WBMP, BMP, SVG)

~Application File:
~[[]] (1.4Mb)
~Dependancy File (Qt 4.7.2):
~[[ download]] (23.8Mb)

==Puppy Notes==
This is a work in progress by the maintainer, not all tabbed functions are
yet alive, although what is already completed is more than enough reason for
it's use. I have added aspell into the pet although it can use hunspell I
had problems with that. In either case you need to configure it for the
one you wish to use by path after installation.
Due to it's functionality it appears in the menu under both Document and
General Utilities.
It is a qt application and will be one of those used for for the forthcoming

==Puppy Tea Packager==

Tobias Quathamer (QA Page)

==Similar packages==
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* libparse-pidl-perl
* eog-plugins
* scribus-ng
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==External Resources==
[[|Tea Homepage]]
[[|Old Tea Homepage]]

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