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A Upup is a Puppy that has some compatibility with Ubuntu. Typically produced using Woof with Ubuntu packages. Often they are named after the Ubuntu version name, for example Lucid, Jaunty and Precise

Tahrpup by 666philb
Upup Raring by pemasu
PuppyPrecise - Upup created by BarryK
Lucid - popular Upup and official community Puppy from version 5.00 to 5.28 developed by Playdayz, subsequently maintained as and by RErwin

Older Upups and Betas
PuppyPrecise developed by BarryK, beta7 announcement
Ov-Precise 5.3.0 developed by Oldyeller, thread
Upup Precise developed by pemasu, thread
Jaunty Puppy Alpha9 developed by BarryK, thread

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