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~A Upup is a Puppy that has some compatibility with Ubuntu. Typically produced using [[Woof]] with Ubuntu packages. Often they are named after the Ubuntu version name, for example Lucid, Jaunty and Precise

~[[Xenialpup]] first released in 2017 based on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS (Xenial Xerus) created by [[philb666]]
~[[Tahrpup]] by 666philb
~[[Raring Upup Raring]] by [[pemasu]]
~[[PuppyPrecise]] - Upup created by [[BarryK]]
~[[Puppy528 Lucid]] - popular Upup and official community Puppy from version 5.00 to 5.28 developed by [[Playdayz]], subsequently maintained as and by [[RErwin]]


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==Older Upups and Betas==
~[[PuppyPrecise]] developed by [[BarryK]], [[ beta7 announcement]]
~[[Upup Ov-Precise 5.3.0]] developed by Oldyeller, [[ thread]]
~[[Upup Upup Precise]] developed by pemasu, [[ thread]]
~[[Upup Jaunty Puppy Alpha9]] developed by [[BarryK]], [[ thread]]

==Also on Wiki==
~ [[PuppyLinux5Series|Puppy Linux 5 review]]

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~[[ Lucid 5.28 updates thread through]]

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